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Mersea commercial box trailers are robust and durable. They are made from galvanised sheet with folds to give the sides more rigidity and come with a resin board floor. All trailers, from 4x3 to 8x5 have an A frame drawbar and are made from 500Kg to 2600Kg. These trailers can be ordered with ladder racks, mesh side and high tailgates. The range uses Knott Running gear and all trailers over 750Kg have brakes. The floor on these trailers are low for easy loading. The commercial trailers are type approved, have width marker lights and built in light clusters with a registration board.

Box trailers

Mersea also offer a range of flatbed trailers from 12x6.5 to 14x6.5 and are available in 2600Kg or 3500Kg. The trailers can be ordered with sides, no sides or just a headboard to protect your vehicle. The flatbed range is built to the same standard as the box trailers and include width markers and side markers with built in light clusters and registration board.

Flatbed trailers

Also available is a range of plant trailers. These have low sides with a high integrated ramp tailgate combination. These trailers can also be offered with a digger bucket support. They are available in 8x4 and 10x6 box size with axles from 1600Kg to 2600kg.


Plant trailers