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These trailers have been specifically designed for PWC's and Inflatable boats. The inflatable boat trailer range are modified N and Y series which correctly support an inflatable rib.

PWC Trailers

These are available in two lengths; 2.2 Metres and 3 Metres. They are also available with 350Kg or 750Kg axles. The PWC range contain trailers that can carry two PWC's on one trailer. The double trailers are braked which includes Knott running gear and stainless steel brake cables. They are available in either roller or bunk format to offer ease of launch and recovery and maximum support for long distance towing.

Snipe PWC Trailers

Inflatable trailers

These trailers are adaptations of the N and Y series. They have extra frames to help support the tubes and hull. There are two types of trailers that will take either a soft bottom or a rigid bottom inflatable. The soft bottom trailers support the tubes using four runners which can be adjusted depending on the diameter of the tubes. The rigid bottom trailers have support for the tubes as well as the hull to help spread the load. The inflatable trailer range is available from 3.0 - 4.5 metres and 350Kg and 750Kg axle configurations.

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