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Box trailer with dinghy racks

These are one of our most popular sellers. They incorporate a normal 6x4 box trailer with racks to hold your dinghies. The box trailer can be used to store all your wet gear and the racks even have supports for masts and sails. The racks are made from galvanised steel and have a protective rubber sleeve over them so they cannot mark your hull. The box trailers have an extended drawbar to ensure your dinghies never come into contact with your car. This range is available in double or triple stackers and the racks are completely removable and self-supporting so you can use your box trailer. The racks aren’t designed to hold launching trollies but the trolley can go on the upturned hull to take them to the race meet. The box trailer is also available with a lockable, slideable galvanised cover to ensure none of your gear gets stolen.

The trailers have been designed to suit Lasers and Toppers. Despite this the Topper trailer has a removable beam which allows you to take an Optimist dinghy.

Box trailer with dinghy rack

Double and triple stackers, Regatta trailers

These are designed to take the launching trolley and dinghy together, the right way up. These trailers are designed to carry two or three dinghies at once and have been designed to accommodate different sized launching trollies. These trailers are also available with brakes due to the inherent weight when towing two or three boats. There are two types, one is adjustable height to ensure you have enough clearance and the other can be lowered, where the top deck folds down aided by a winch to make loading substantially easier.

The Regatta range is similar to the double stacker trailer, with the same principle but they have a stowage box underneath to store all of your wet gear. The regatta range is available as a double or single stacker trailer and is available with or without brakes.

Double & triple stackers